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  1. Over 3 decades of industry experience and exposure render consultants easily approachable
  2. International knowledge from renowned universities help reduce complex challenges to easily understandable and manageable chunks. 
  3. Being versed and current in the global business village enable provision of interactive and future proof training. 
  4. Currently engaged with Universities and other Institutions in delivering interactive seminars on GG (Good Governance) and sustainable leadership.
  5. Our delivery is smart, simple yet satisfying

Ethics, Transparency, Integrity

“Taking steps to foster a high level of ethics in business practices is something every company, no matter how small, should do” —Frances Sharpe.  

Public and private sector organisations often face questions of integrity from the populace and key international organisations. This has impacted the level of respect and trust shown to top managers and directors in businesses, as well as ministers in government. 

INTEGRIDAD has done extensive research with highly respected consultancy firms and international organisations and have identified that there is a need to redefine the perception of the populace and the international community in delivering projects and organisational change. Integridad helps organisations and governments create, implement and maintain a leadership framework critical for success and sustainability in growing economies: learning and embedding strategies that will become the future competitive edge, by the maximisation of people and processes whilst practically implementing good business ethics. Business Ethics is the application of general ethical ideas to business behaviour. A business should not try to make up its own definition of right and wrong, these values are already greatly instilled in business culture. Ethical issues include those involving individual investors, accounting fraud, managed health care, ethics in the Information Age, and competitor intelligence gathering: including stakeholder responsibilities, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, women and business, youth engagement and empowerment. Because business can no longer be isolated from its effects on communities and the environment, these concerns are brought to the forefront. Integridad creates bespoke framework for driving these values to become signatures for differentiation.

Area Of Interest: Financial System Stability Programme

  • Share an understanding of the FSS vision. 
  • Identify the full complement of stakeholders that impact and can be impacted by the supervisory function towards engendering the success of the FSS strategic objectives. 
  • Use available statistics and fresh research work to measure the level of risk currently obtainable within the system. 
  • Re-appraise the risk and interact with participants to gain their potential hands-on understanding of the variability and severity of risks faced currently in the system. 
  • Involve participants in measuring and forecasting the long term disastrous impact if the financial system continues to operate in the currently exposed form. 
  • Obtain ideas from participants on potential solutions and combine that with rigorously structured future proof and adaptable mitigation techniques that will open up visual gaps that provides further challenges for the participants. ϖ 
  • Understanding what consolidated supervision of FSS is. Share a definition with participants outlining the reason why that definition applies to the programme. 
  • Obtain participants input on what their ideas about consolidated supervision is and establish a common ground to get their buy-in. 
  • List and describe the primary governmental functions and commercial institutions that must be considered in information gathering to make for a full population before consolidation can be effective. 
  • Ensure participants’ understanding of why the list is important. 
  • For each organisation on the list, the scope of data, qualitative and quantitative information would cover internal policies and processes.
  • Participants will be encouraged to share their views on key challenges in terms of ensuring the scope is complete and correct.